The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Broadband Networks and Applications is an interdisciplinary research Centre in advanced networking systems with an emphasis on industrial relevance.   The collaboration between two research groups, Communications Research Group (CRG) in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications for Development (T4D) in the Department of Computer Science takes place across the University with little regard to organisational boundaries.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Centre is to serve postgraduate students by imparting to them an understanding of broadband mobile networks, services and applications and to serve industry by creating and disseminating knowledge of advanced networks through research and technology transfer.

A tighter formulation of a common vision on future research directions in next-generation mobile networks between academia and industry is essential to promote research in the area of IP mobile networks, Services and Applications.

The CoE endorses UCT’s objectives in transformation by making a concerted effort to increase the number of black South African and female students to research in the areas of Broadband Mobile Networks.